Friday, August 28, 2009

Notes From The Author

"My Soul Mate Was Aborted!" was, essentially, written as a procrastination tool while I was developing various television shows and films. While most of the entries are based on facts that occurred within my life; some -- I've taken creative liberty with. I refer to this genre as Punctuated Realism.

This novel (which exists in digital format) was written in a three-tiered metaphoric structure to emphasize the life lessons and story lines that I felt, needed to be shared.

The effect of using Punctuated Realism allows me to keep what is mine; private. The rest (like all good stories) is left up to your imagination.

It is said by those who have read this book that it is a cure for the broken hearted. Since my heart was healing while I wrote this -- I am happy to share it with you as a remedy.

May you always be able to look within yourself and find the truth of who you really are.